Wildfire CMS

An open source PHP CMS that I've been helping to build for several years now. Starting back in 2006 it has come a long way since then and is currently on version 7.

The CMS itself runs on top of a PHP MVC framework called PHP-Wax, which I also help to develop.

There is an ever growing list of plugins to help do the more standard and mundane tasks like archive navigation, meta details, sitemaps & RSS feeds


Even though the project has evolved massively, the core principles and functionality have remained consistent. By building on top of the MVC stack the CMS intercepts urls, queries databases and finds content suitable for the requested page.


Wildfire version 7.1

Wildfire version 7.1 logo

A big design & layout change with some great speed increases and new features.


Wildfire version 7

Wildfire version 7 logo

Version 7 has big changes under the hood. Faster, new templating abilities and a brand new agnostic media system to replace the old files area.

The new media area provides access to media stored on services such as youtube, vimeo and flickr. More adaptors can just be dropped in as they are needed.


Wildfire version 6.pretty

Wildfire version 6.pretty logo

A significant visual upgrade to the original version 6, getting a rather nice dark skin to replace my rough and ready attempts for 6.


Wildfire version 6

Wildfire version 6 logo

A massive rewrite. This version of the CMS moved away from the older section & content division and brought the two together in to a unified model; using a typical tree like interface.

Not only did all the back end change, but so did the interface, although it did keep the orange and black stylings of its predecessor.


Older versions

This project has been going on some time now; I will come back and update with information on the older versions when I can.