DevOps With Droplet

While working at Droplet my main responsibility is to create a new, modern infrastructure that provides stability, security and speed (both for the end-user and the developers). To provide this we'll be working with containerisation technology such as Docker and systems that build on this (CoreOs for example).

I've written a series of technical posts about the various tech and environment tools that we now use and rough guides on how.


A quick summary of what we are looking for in a PaaS.


Local development using vagrant

We need a good way to create local versions of CoreOS and similar for fast testing and assentment; we did it with vagrant.


Configuring your cloud

Informtion on how to use the standard cloud-config file for cluster configuration


Docker containers

Creating a Docker-based service


Discovery & Registration

Using etcd and side kicks to announce services to the cluster


Environment Data

Passing environment variables into docker services.


Stress Testing

Making sure our setup can handle the load.