Bus Route Visualisation

16th September 2013

Over the weekend myself and others from One Black Bear (Ross Riley, Gareth Brown and Sheldon Els) got together and built something quite cool.

Using the information we handle for National Express we were able to put together a 3d representation of 309 routes that we had information for within the midlands.

Below is a simplified version, we're working on adding more features such as postcode search, points of interest and boundary lines.

Be warned, this uses webgl and 3js, so doesn't work for everyone (recommend using Chrome) and can be slow on low spec machines.

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All the data you see is accurate and generated directly from what we use on the main nxbus.co.uk website. We also added in elevation data (via google elevation api) to represent the z axis. Both that and the lat & lng data are simply scaled down a bit to fit into the canvas area.

You can see that some of the lines are more vibrant that others, this is from multiple routes crossing that road.


17th Feburary 2014

My colleague Ross has managed to find some time to upgrade the demo page and finish off some of the missing functionality. You can read more about his conversion to emberjs and other updates here.