When I actually have time, I do like to try things out and play around with things, some of which end up in work projects, others just end up here.

route visualisation with threejs

Bus route visualisation

js animation

Old school animation

CSS3 animation


HTML5 upload

CSS3 Filters

CSS3 filters

Snippets & plugins

Timed event sequence

A plugin to handle repeative events on a selection of DOM elements, such as trigger a click on an 'a' tag every 3 seconds. Good for handling rotating banners etc.


PHP iterators

As one the of big parts of our php wax framework we recursively scan over a set of directories and find all the php files. This did throw up quite a few performance issues over the course of developing wax, which I'll go over.


Regular expressions

At some point in time you always end up having to write a regular expression to parse something. In the web, it's normally because the site/service you want to use doesn't provide and API, so you end up scrapping the page and having to rip the data out. Sometimes you need them for something simple, like finding links inside a block of plain text.

The common ones, I can never remember them and end up redoing them each time, so I'm listing some here.


Handy commands

Server commands that are great for finding out info, but that I forget all the time.