CDN Detector

Chrome extension to check for CDN usage.

While working on a recent web project I found the need to easily see if the a website was being cached correctly via a CDN (AWS CloudFront in this case). While I could do this easily with a quick curl command to view the headers, this was not possible for the client.

To get around this I created a Chrome extension that provides a colour coded icon and some basic info about CDN usage. When it detects a CDN hit, the icon goes green, if its a miss, it is red and the default state is grey.

Where possible, it provides the UTC time that the page was cached.


At the moment, the extension uses Google Analytics to track Hits & Misses, but does not pass along any other information.

In the next release I will add an option to disable this tracking.

Going Forward

I will add more CDN's to the list that the extension can detect and improve this page to be more of a project landing page, hopefully with metrics about CDN usage.